Cloud computing is a shift in traditional computing that gives businesses on-demand access to a 

variety of software and services while giving IT a shared pool of configurable computing resources

 at the platform, infrastructure and application layers. 

When done right, cloud computing helps businesses do more, faster by letting them tap into the power of massive 

datacenters and IT services without having to build, manage or maintain them.

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What is Cloud Backup Service?

A Cloud backup service uses your Internet connection to back up your server data. Modern file comparison algorithms using 

“Delta Technology”, coupled with faster Internet connections means that this service is now a reality. Span Technologies has 

successfully implemented this technology since August 2008.

Service Options

We offer two primary WAN Backup services. 

File and Object based Backup Service

This is similar to tape backup systems in terms of what it backs up. I.e. Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Server based documents 

and the Server registry.

Image-based Backup Service

This service takes a ‘bit-level’ snapshot of your server onto a removable disk

Image-based Backup Service

This service takes a ‘bit-level’ snapshot of your server onto a removable disk

This disk is loaded into our backup server, and differential image backups are run at the weekend over the Internet to keep the 

snapshot up to date. A differential image contains only the data that has changed since the last full snapshot.

A full snapshot to removable disk is conducted monthly to completely refresh the image.

We also take file/mailbox backups each night during the week to make sure that we can easily restore files as necessary. This means 

we can restore your data right  up until the most recent backup took place.


• The File and Object Backup Service can be treated in a very similar way to normal backup software. File restoration is a very simple 

process. Just a few clicks and your data is back as it should be. 

• You can easily restore email messages very simply in the same way. Restores can be initiated using the web interface or the local 

application interface.

• You can restore entire directories, SQL databases, or any other item in the backup scheme via a simple interface.