Corporate enterprises or larger SMEs, Invest in your own I.T. infrastructure, More traditional support requirements, High degree of local desktop integration, Complex I.T. needs e.g. heavy graphics

Support Packages: Corporate / S.M.E (self-hosted systems with on-site support)

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Global/corporate enterprises or larger SMEs, Businesses prepared to invest in their own I.T. infrastructure

More traditional support requirements, High degree of local desktop integration

Complex I.T. needs e.g. heavy graphics (CAD) or database applications


Larger, more established businesses are typically in a stronger position to invest in their own infrastructure and will be 

concerned with ensuring those systems stay responsive, reliable and fit for purpose. 

With a need to focus on commercial growth it is essential to work with an I.T. partner who can help to steer the 

development of I.T. systems to meet the changing needs. 

Successful client-partner relationships at this level also usually involve a deeper integration between teams, often requiring 

a permanent support presence at the client offices.

Finally, expanding into global markets or opening regional offices presents - along with the many business considerations

its own unique technical challenges, such as maintaining centralised services while at the same time ensuring a quality I.T. 

experience for all users. 

This demands a high degree of technical expertise in the deployment of enterprise technologies like WAN Acceleration, Cloud backups 

and Distributed Exchange installs.


Companies who use our services outsource their entire IT support to us. This allows our clients to focus on developing their own 

business, while being sure of cost-effective, highly-proficient IT support services.


Our Standard Maintenance service includes the following;

Telephone response within 4 hours | Onsite response to major failure1 in 8 hours | Reduced Engineering Rates3

Onsite support | Billable increments of 30 minutes | Remote support (using remote access software)

Billable increments of 15 minutes | Unlimited Daytime Telephone Support for network related issues4 and core applications

Free unlimited advice | planning and consultancy on any IT issue

ADD-ONS (Optional)

Cloud Application hosting - basic packages from £250 per month, Development pack