Minimize Service Interruption, Keep Critical Systems Online, SaaS is a Cost-Saving Alternative, Prioritize and Cut Scope 

Keeping your I.T. running is essential to your ongoing success. Datadam provide a range of fully managed services to ensure the 

best possible outcome in the event of a problem...

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Online / Cloud Backup

A Cloud backup service uses your Internet connection to back up your server data. Modern file comparison algorithms using 

“Delta Technology”, coupled with faster Internet connections means that this service is now a reality.

Disaster Recovery

It is worth considering what the actual cost is to a business should the worst occur. Consider the scenario of a fire/flood/theft or 

indeed severe hardware failure causing total loss of your file server.

The Solution

Using our Image-based Cloud Backup Service, we can have you operational with all of your data typically within a few hours. 

For data-critical businesses, this can represent savings of many thousands of pounds in lost productivity. 

In addition to these solutions, datadam are able to provide our clients with a business continuity office solution. Based in Eynsham, 

Oxfordshire we have office facilities available that will enable you to move your management and staff to desks, data connections 

and workstations, connected to your backup servers, allowing you and your people to keep working as per normal. We will also provide 

you with VOIP numbers, printers, faxes and all the other requirements of running a business. This ‘second office’ can be up and running 

within a day. This service is included with the Platinum, GoldPlus and Gold Service