From single server solutions to high availability custom configurations, we provide the platform from 

which your business can excel.

Unlike other hosting providers we don't micro-bill you for every CPU cycle, MB of RAM or Gbit bandwitch resource you use. 

With us you get one easy to understand monthly fee. 

We also specialise in supporting business to get their applications running - so you're never left to fend for yourselves.

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AppHost - Hosted Application Servers (VPS)


Application developers or businesses looking to host shared distributed business applications 'in the cloud'


With the growth of public cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS, many companies are tempted to 

supplement their on-premise infrastructure using externally hosted servers. Unfortunately, these aren't always easy

 (or cost effective) to get started with.

Our Virtual Private Server solutions incorporate everything you need to get to get your application running quickly and easily, 

for an affordable monthly fee. 


Fully managed Windows 2012 R2 virtual server platform

A range of databases supplied and installed (mySQL, MS SQL, HyperFile)

Backup and Disaster Recovery built-in

Dedicated private firewall

Unique public IP address

Optional IPSec VPN link to your network

Take advantage of our skilled application team to help get the system running