Keeping your I.T. running is essential to your ongoing success. datadam provide a range of fully managed services to ensure the best possible outcome in the event of a problem... 

Datadam have specialised in providing cloud services to business since 2008. We have made signifcant investment in our own 

Datacentre in Oxfordshire  we don't entrust your data to any 3rd party.We work with key technology vendors including Microsoft, 

Dell, Quest Software and Veeam through long-established partner relationships. 

With an experienced team with over 30 years’ experience delivering agile I.T. solutions, whatever your needs we can recommend and 

deliver the right combination of services to fit your specific needs.

We are not: ..a boring 'old-school' tech company, fixed and unable to respond to new and urgent challenges or removed from your end 

users by obstructive layers of administration.

We are: ...a Christ-owned business. A different, quirky, slightly oddball team of technology enthusiasts (ok, geeks!) who value great 

service, innovation and our client relationships above all. Our faith-derived values drive the way we do business: a more informal, 

trust-driven service than some businesses may initially be used to but refreshingly different (we hope!).

We excel under the pressure of tricky deadlines and exercise the freedom to 'think outside the box' wherever it can bring real 

business benefits. We service clients of all shapes and sizes: from small local businesses to multinational corporates.

No Fuss. No Hassle. We just get it done.

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