Moving business services and applications to 'the cloud' is clearly not for everyone...

Flexibility, Cap-Ex Free, Work from anywhere, Competitiveness, Security, Disaster recovery

We can help to evaluate your individual needs and challenges, then leverage the most appropriate technologies for your business. 

From a simple managed server platform (Virtual Private Server) for hosting your own application (we can also set it up for you) to a 

complete Windows network 'in the cloud' (‘Desktop-as-a-Service’), delivered to your PC anywhere in the world via enhanced remote desktop

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Office 365

SUITABLE FOR: New start-ups, Businesses up to 15 users, Highly distributed teams

Deskpal Pro

SUITABLE FOR: Medium Businesses (up to 75 users), Highly mobile teams, More complex I.T. needs e.g. shared server applications, 

Data privacy a high priority, Old server hardware due for upgrade.


SUITABLE FOR: High degree of local desktop integration e.g. incompatible server applications, Complex I.T. needs e.g. heavy 

graphics (CAD), database applications or heavy reliance on local files.

AppHost (VPS)

SUITABLE FOR: Application developers or businesses looking to host shared distributed business applications 'in the cloud.